Ericsson Connect Award 2018

As a part of Ericsson’s cooperation with Linköping University, we are pleased to announce the Ericsson Connect Award 2018. The students who win the award will have an excellent opportunity to get an insight into the exciting world of telecommunication and how Ericsson drives and contributes towards our vision of a Networked Society.

The award will be given to two students. The winners will get a personal mentor at Ericsson for 1 year, and will get a chance to follow the mentor to one of Ericsson’s sites for a study visit. They will also visit Ericsson’s demo center in Stockholm for interesting activities and meetings, and they will be given the opportunity to get a summer internship and/or to perform master’s thesis at Ericsson Linköping.

The winners will be announced during the LINK banquet 2017-11-30.

Criteria to apply: *Has completed 3rd year at one of the following master’s programs at Linköping University: D, IT, Y, U, I (IT), MT, ED, KTS (DT)
*Is enrolled at Linköping University for the 2017-18 academic year
*Shows a genuine interest in technology
*Is a team player with communicative and social skills

Apply with a personal letter, CV, academic record, and any document that verifies the criteria, to: Svante Stadler
Deadline to apply: 2017-11-05.