About LINK

LINK-dagarna is the Linköping University career days focused on computing and IT. Thousands of curious students from the D, I, Ling, SAKS, Y and KOGVET programmes are headed here with the main goal to connect with their potential future employers. Hopefully, this contact will culminate in thesis, internship, employment or summer job.

The days will offer engaging company events and interesting lunch lectures. On one day there will be a big exhibition with about sixty contributing companies displaying their operation. The fair ends with a grand banquet at Linköping Concert and Congress Hall.

Did you know?

  • LINK is LiU’s biggest IT/Data happening
  • LINK-dagarna runs for two whole weeks, between November 15th and 30th
  • The event is perfectly scheduled regarding application for summer job and thesis
  • All kinds of events are possible to arrange by the exhibiting companies